Saturday, 5 February 2011

Oh my, A Blog Award!!

Wow, I've been given an award from Carrie, thank you Carrie and of course I'll accept!! Do look in on her blog she does some amazing things, and not just cards so you'll be in for a nice surprise.
Here is the award----
I'm told the award is aimed at 'bringing unknown good blogs to light', so I'm very happy if not amazed that anyone things my blog is worthy of the award and am more than happy to accept it, there are one or two conditions to follow in accepting, and are as follows------

1. If you have been tagged, do you want to accept? (yes yes yes!!!) 
Then you have to create a post on your blog and post the love blog photo.
2. Link back to the person who gave you the award and say if you
 accept it.
3. Choose 3-5 of your favourite blogs to tag, link these in your post too and tell the lucky people they have been tagged.
I look in on lots of lovely bloggers, there are some fabulous blogs out there and some amazing work being created, it's a difficult job picking just a few, I would like to give it to you all, but as it's aimed at 'bringing unknown blogs to light' then I shall be awarding it to those who have less than 200 followers, I think that would be a fair way of doing it, so here goes, these are the lovely bloggers I shall give the award to:----
Sonia--- She makes lovely cards, always fresh and pretty designs, she's been with me right from the start of my blog, thanks Sonia!
Brenda--- What smashing cards Brenda designs, I love visiting her blog, I'm sure you will too.
Barbara--- Makes some great cards, a joy to follow.
Dana---Wonderful work, you'll be blown away!
Linny--- Lovely cards, super designs, I enjoy visiting her blog.
So there we have it, I've managed to choose five, I hope you ladies will accept the award, I shall make my way around to each of you now to let you know.
Would you all be kind enough to pop in on these lovely ladies blogs,
become followers and give them the recognition they deserve,
Many thanks blogging friends!!


Carrie said...

Your very welcome.. you soo deserve this award! xxx

"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Ahhh thank you sooooo very much Jacee.... What an honour to be chosen for this award. I do check your blog and love your work very much... I will admit I don't post comments near as much as I should..... You on the other hand alway find the time to post sweet comments. Thank you!

Linny said...

thank you very much Jacee. I am honoured. Im a very lazy blogger though. LOL. Lindax

Dana said...

Thanks so much Jacee!! You are soooo sweet and I am so glad to have made another blogging friend! Your kind words are always so sweet and very much appreciated!!

Sonia said...

Jacee thank you for my award I am truly honored, sorry I have taken so long to acknowledge it. Your blog is a true inspiration to me :)
Hugs Sonia xxx


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