Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I'm very, very sad.

I had to come and tell you, my blogging friends, that I am absolutely heartbroken, my beloved Siamese cat, Charlie, had to be put to sleep on Monday.
The vet said he was very very poorly and had we have left him any longer he would have started to have convulsions, his kidneys were very enlarged.
He was getting on in years, he would have been sixteen this coming May, I realised that he must be nearing the end of his life, sixteens a good age for a cat I know, he couldn't have gone on forever I know that, but that didn't make it any easier.
He was beautiful, my 'baby', I adored him, we gave him so much love, all the family loved him so much, but he was definitely 'my baby'. 
Those of you that know about Siamese know how vocal they are, he talked to us constantly, he always had something to say, even when I'd be talking on the phone he'd join in, every night when I watched the telly he'd come on my knee and I'd nurse him like a baby, he loved it.
The house is so empty and quiet without him, I've cried buckets, I just can't seem to stop, I'll be OK one minute and then something makes me think of him and I'm off again, he's left such a big empty space.
I feel so very, very sad.
We are having him cremated and his ashes put into a little casket, he will be with us always that way, I couldn't bear the thought of him being buried in a hole in the garden, and not only that, but if we ever move from this house, I know we can take him with us.
I guess you may think I'm bonkers, but he was a big part of my life, I adored him.
I hope you don't mind me telling you all, it's helped a little to talk about him.


Clare *Littlebear* said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Jacee.
Big hugs,
Clare x

Sonia said...

Aww Jacee I'm so sorry to hear your sad news, its heart breaking to lose a family pet they are such a BIG part of our lives. Having been through this with our dogs I know what your going through (((Hugs))) Nothing can replace them but a new little kitty might help.
Love Sonia xxx

Jules said...

Oh bless you Jacee

I feel so sorry for you.

It is lovely that pets become part of a family .. .. but so difficult when they are no longer there.

At least you took him to the vet and didn't let him suffer and have convulsions .. that would have been horrible for you to experience.

Nothing I say will make you feel any better I know but I am sending you lots of love and cyber hugs.

Take care matie. I will be thinking of you.

Love Jules xx

Hunnybunnycards said...

So, so sorry to hear of your loss, I know exactly how you feel, I had to have my 16 year old Shih Tzu Lollipop put to sleep a few weeks ago. Broke my heart but it was the best thing for her, she was suffering. I had her cremated so I feel she is still here with me. You did what every caring owner of a loved animal has to do when the time comes. ((hugs)) to you and thnking of you.


Dorcas said...

Oh Jacee,
I'm soooooo sorry for your loss.
No, you're not bonkers, Jacee. Your feelings are very normal especially where you've had him so long. Its like saying goodbye to a teenage child! I had a part siamese cat and his dependant and vocal personality was the most appealing thing about him. (that and his bicolored eyes).You've got every right to be desperately sad about it. Give yourself as much time as you need.

My friend Stacey ( has just lost her furbaby of 14 years (about two months ago now) and still has it real bad. She wrote about it on her blog not long ago.

I hope you feel some comfort in knowing others are thinking of you.


Sue said...

Im so sorry,sending big hugs.
Sue xx

Penni said...

Oh Jacee - I am so sorry.
Thinking of you.


coops said...

i`m so sorry hun.sending you hugs.

xx coops xx

Rosietoes said...

I'm so sorry to hear your news Jacee. I can only imagine how you must be feeling as we are facing the fact that our tiny poodle Rosie is very ill indeed.
My heart goes out to you.

Edna x

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Jacee I just had to find this post about Charlie, I know exactly how you are feeling and how heartbroken you must be. Sixteen years is a long time to have a pet, I lost my rabbit after nine years and I still think that I can hear him in his cage sometimes, they never leave us and as you have his ashes he will always be with you. Bless you and enjoy the memories.
Big hugs and love
Lorraine x


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