Friday, 18 February 2011

A big thank you....

I just wanted to say thank you to those of you that left me such very kind messages on my last post, it means such a lot to me, thank you so much.
It's good to know that people care, even though most of us here don't know each other 'in the flesh' we can still care about each other and you have certainly been there for me this week, I'm very very touched.

I still cry daily, can't seem to control that at the minute, it hits us most when we get up in a morning, not having our little friend there waiting to greet us.
The house is so quiet, it's going to take some getting used to, we both miss him so much, although I don't think our little Yorkshire Terrier does, he's now claimed the chair in my craft room that Charlie used to sit on whilst I made my cards, he wouldn't dared to have got on it before, it was definitely Charlies chair, and the spot he used to like to be in when the radiators were on, he's claimed that too, he's made us smile really, bless him.
 He's an old boy too, nearly fifteen and the thought of having to go through all this pain again when it comes to his time is awful.
He's definitely showing his age now, he has bad hips, he's going blind and deaf, although I suspect his deafness can be somewhat 'selective' at times, he maybe getting old but he isn't daft, he can swing the lead when it suits! but we love him to bits and at the moment he's playing a big part in helping us through.
Not sure when I'll be posting a card, and do forgive me for not visiting your blogs, but I know you'll all understand, thank you all once again.


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Dana said...

Oh Jacee.. I am so awfully sorry my friend! I had missed your earlier post and am just now catching up! So cute that your Yorkie has taken over Charlies chair! I am sure he senses your grief!
Praying for you!!


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