Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow....and a cute duck!

Are you managing to keep warm my blogging buddies?
Oh boy it's cold, and so much snow, I don't doubt some of you have it worse than we do here, we don't normally seem to get a lot of snow, but I think we're making up for it now, we are well and truly covered, it was nice at first but I'm getting fed up with it now.
Our drive is on a hill, it's OK getting down with the car, but getting back up is quite another thing, I end up leaving it on the road outside and let hubby drive it up, the thought of going sideways, or worse still, sliding backwards fills me with horror, especially as there's a four foot drop on one side!
He has twice cleared enough away for the wheels to go down but it snows again and covers it up, 'orrible white stuff it is!!
So onto crafting....
Don't you just love this image? I think it's super cute, it's from 'PCcrafter' and the papers are from 'Pink Petticoat', hope you like it and thanks for dropping by.


Mandy said...

Gorgeous card Jacee, such pretty colours.

Stay warm and take care,


Rosietoes said...

love these pastels together Jacee. A lovely card and a nice change from all the wintery ones at the minute.

Edna x

Dana said...

No snow here yet but it's quite dreary. Your little duck just brightened up the day!! So nice to see some beautiful pastels for a change!! Love it!

Jules said...

Hi Jacee

So sorry, I am really behind with my commenting!! But I am here to make amends.

This card is gorgeous and I love the little duck. Really bright and beautiful!!

Take care in that snow Jacee!!

Love Jules xx


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